Answers to some frequently asked questions about active tectonics, EarthScope, SLAM, and related matters

  1. Where can I find information related to the AEG Annual Meeting presentation by Cronin and others, and the AEGNews article by the same authors?
  2. Where can I find more information about EarthScope, SAFOD, the Plate Boundary Observatory, the USArray, UNAVCO, IRIS, and GEON?
  3. Where can I find data on the locations of earthquake foci in a particular area?
  4. Where can I find focal mechanism solutions for earthquakes in a given area?
  5. Where can I find out about the seismograph stations hosted by Baylor University?
  6. Where can I find some good visualizations of earthquakes?
  7. What are some other online sources for earthquake information?
  8. Where can I find software that helps me view or analyze earthquake data?
  9. Where can I find digital elevation model data for a given area?
  10. What software can I use to plot my data in 3-D?
  11. Where can I find some map data and mapping software?
  12. How can I find the continuous GPS stations in a given area?
  13. How do I use GPS data to determine the direction of crustal stretching/shortening in a given area?
  14. How do I use GPS data to determine the horizontal strain rate in a given area?
  15. How can I use earthquake focal mechanism solutions to infer the direction of horizontal stretching or shortening?
  16. How do find information and code for the Seismo-Lineament Analysis Method (SLAM)?
  17. Any more links I should check out?

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