P-Card Terminology

Approving Supervisor

The person responsible for reviewing, approving, signing and dating the Cardholder’s Baylor Transaction Detail report.


Baylor Transaction Detail report

The listing of current transactions made on the P-Card within one billing cycle which includes notes and department information. This report total should match the Electronic Statement and must be reviewed, signed and dated by both the Cardholder and Approving Supervisor.



The person who has been issued a P-Card and is authorized to make purchases in accordance with the P-Card policies and procedures.


Electronic Statement

The listing of all transactions for the current billing cycle, which is printed by the Cardholder. Receipts, invoices, etc., will need to be attached in sequence to this Statement.



The issuing bank of the P-Card.



Password that is required to enter PaymentNet.



The JPMorgan online account manager.


Purchasing Card Administrator

The person in the University’s Purchasing Office who is responsible for program details, including Cardholder inquiries.


Purchasing limits

The limitation of purchasing authority delegated to a Cardholder. 



A company from which a Cardholder is purchasing goods under the provisions of these procedures


Transaction Notes

Detailed information relating to a purchasing transaction that includes what was bought, for whom and/or what purpose, location/dates of conference if registration fees, time period for membership fees, etc. This is a requirement for every transaction posted to the P-Card.


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