43249.jpg Welcome to the Baylor Purchasing Card Online Training Course! It is designed to help potential and current Cardholders understand the policies and procedures that govern the Purchasing Card and their cardholder responsibilities. The completion of this course, the passing of the subsequent exam, and the submission of the completion e-mail or Certificate are required before being delegated authority to make purchases on behalf of the University via the Purchasing Card.

Please pay very close attention to every detail of the course as the passing requirements of the exam are stringent due to the information that is being covered. Instructions and more details about the exam will be given at the completion of the course.

While this course attempts to cover as much information as possible on the Purchasing Card program, some information may not be covered. The entire program policy can be reviewed on the Purchasing Card website at http://www.baylor.edu/procurement/purchasing/index.php?id=45027. While a Purchasing Card may be issued upon the passing of the exam, all Cardholders are required to review the policy and are responsible for abiding by the policy in its entirety.

This tutorial has five modules:

**Special Note to current Cardholders: If your P-Card is suspended, you are required to take the course and pass the exam.**



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