These notes are for students in Dr. Scott Moore's PHI 1305.

Charles Taylor, The Ethics of Authenticity

Important Terms and Concepts--Chapter 8: Subtler Languages

Subjectivation -- a movement within the larger culture which focuses more and more "on the subject" or the individual who makes decisions and choices.

self-referentiality of manner -- the methods and ways in which one pursues authenticity via self-fulfillment. Taylor believes that a self-referentiality of manner is inevitable in our culture.

self-referentiality of matter -- the substantial content of self-fulfillment which denies the claims of others or external horizons of significance. Taylor denies that a self-referentiality of matter is inevitable in our culture.

publicly available reference points -- shared cultural assumptions about the nature and character of reality which are manifested in language.

subtler languages -- Percy Bysshe Shelley's notion of poetic language which doesn't simply allude to the publicly available reference points. With these "subtler" languages, "something is defined and created as well as manifested."

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