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How do I access the BearSpace server?
1. Type in the address line of your browser
2. Enter your BearID and password in the Login column at the left type
After a successful sign in, you will see a column on the left with the labels: My Bookmarks, My Searches, and Utilities.

How to Upload Files into Your Storage Space
You can add a new file to your account using the Upload button in the navigation toolbar.

1. Navigate to the directory in which you wish to upload your file(s). See Directory Navigation for more information on how to navigate to a different directory.
2. Click on the "Upload" button in the navigation toolbar.
3. Choose the file you wish to upload.
a. To upload 1 file, either type in the exact path or browse to find the file.
4. Click OK. You are returned to the original folder in which you began.

How can I upload multiple files and folders?
To upload multiple files, first change the "Change the number of files to upload" option to be the number of files you wish to upload. Choose up to 20 files. Next, either type in the exact path or browse to find the files you wish to upload.

What is WebDAV?
WebDAV (World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard for collaborative authoring on the Web. It offers a set of extensions to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that facilitates collaborative editing and file management between users located remotely from each other on the Internet.

Supported WebDAV Clients:
The Baylor University Bearspace team supports the following list of WebDAV clients.
o Windows 98/ME/2000/XP:
o Mac OS X:
o Unix/Linux:
Further Reading about WebDAV
To learn more about WebDAV, visit the WebDAV Homepage at

What does it mean when I get the following error message: "Available bandwidth quota for this file system has been exceeded?"
Network resources are limited, so as a result, the BearSpace service will be subject to bandwidth quotas. Bandwidth usage for your account cannot exceed 1000 megabytes in a three-hour period. If you exceed your bandwidth limitations due to excessive file transfers (uploads or downloads), your account may be temporarily disabled for a 3 hour limit.

What are some typical HTTP errors that I may see on BearSpace and what do they mean?
404 - File Not found. This can also be sent if the server has been told to protect the document by telling unauthorized people that it does not exist.
403 - Forbidden. Access is explicitly denied to this document. (For BearSpace, this is probably a disk or bandwidth quota problem.)
401 - Unauthorized. The user asked for a document, but did not provide a valid username or password.

When attempting to upload or download files with my WebDAV client, I get an error message: "An error occurred while copying some or all of the selected files." What does this mean?
This message may indicate that you have exceeded your bandwidth allocation. If you cannot read one of your own files - you, or another user, may have exceeded the bandwidth quota for your BearSpace. Your bandwidth quota applies to uploads to and downloads from your BearSpace for ALL users accessing files under your home directory. You will not be able to upload or download files for 3 hours until your bandwidth quota is no longer at its limit. Once this time is over which your bandwidth quota has lapsed and you will be able to access your files again.

How do I share files, or create "Tickets" with others?
There are two basic ways to share files. You can share files with other BearSpace users (requires Bear ID) by assigning permissions to individual users, or you can create a shared space for a group of BearSpace users.
You can also share files with non-BearSpace users (users without Bear IDs) by creating a "ticket." The process of granting tickets is useful if you want to share files with persons outside the system (no Bear ID), but you don't want to make the page completely public.

    To create a ticket:
    1. Select the file you wish to share, by clicking the check box
    2. Click the Info icon
    3. Select Ticket, then Create a ticket
    4. You will be given several choices to set parameters for the ticket, including:
  • lifetime
  • maximum number of visits
  • what type of sharing
  • 5. Click OK to generate the url with the ticket "id"

For more information on sharing files and creating tickets go to How do I use tickets to share files or folders with others?

How do others from off campus access my files and folders?
There are several ways that you can share your information with others who do not have Baylor computer privileges. These ways include:

For more information, check the Bearspace How To... page.

How do I know for sure that I have logged out?
You can log out of BearSpace by clicking the log out icon at the bottom of the menu on the left side of the screen. You will know you have been logged out when the log in screen appears for

Can I use BearSpace to create dynamic Web pages (CGIs, PHP, etc…)
No. There are other services on campus that provide access to PERL, PHP, Cold Fusion and other services. Please contact your academic department to get access.

How can I track versions of my documents?
BearSpace has the ability for you to keep track of your document versions. To turn on or off versioning on your files:

  1. Navigate to the file for which you wish to turn on versioning.
  2. Click on the Info icon for the respective file.
  3. Click on the "Versions" link.
  4. Use the Version on/off drop-down option to turn versioning on or off.
  5. Click "Back" to exit the Versioning screen.

To find out more information on versioning go to the How do I keep track of different versions of my file?

There is a lock on one of my folders, what does this mean?
There are several types of lock icons you may seed displayed in BearSpace. Each lock icon defines the type of lock that is or is not on the specific file or directory. The appearance of the lock icon indicates the current lock status. The status for locks is shown in the following table:.

The item is unlocked. You can create a lock on the file or directory by clicking the item's lock icon.
The item is locked but you can unlock it by clicking on the icon.
The item is locked and you do not have permission to unlock it.
  If you see no icon, you do not have the correct permissions to know if the file is locked, i.e. you only have permission to "read" or view the item in question.

How do I link to my classmate's BearSpace?
If your classmate has granted you read access to their BearSpace directory, you may create a direct link to that directory using your Bookmarks. A Bookmark is shortcut to folders in your directory or another user's directory for which you have permission to access.

To find out more information on creating bookmarks go to How do I manage bookmarks?

How long is my BearSpace account active?

Your BearSpace access is closely integrated with Baylor's computing systems and therefore when your BearID becomes inactive for other Baylor systems such as email and Blackboard, then your BearSpace access will also be inactive and you will not unable to access your account.

If you are a student, your BearSpace account information will not be removed from the system until you have been inactive for two (2) concurrent semesters. This does not include summer terms. If you are faculty or staff, you account information will be removed upon termination from the University.

I cannot see Webfolders in my browser, what is wrong?
The webfolder button only works with Microsoft's Internet Explorer when using Windows XP computers since the browser is so closely integrated into the operating system. The Web Folders button will not appear on other browsers such as Netscape or FireFox or with other operating systems such as Linux or MAC OS. To use webfolders with other operating systems, you will need the following software on your computer:

To use WebFolders
o Mac OS X:
o UNIX/Linux:

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