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Getting to Know Your BearSpace

After logging into BearSpace, you will see various tools for navigating through your directories and managing your account, including My Bookmarks, My Searches, and Utilities.

To the right of My Bookmarks, My Searches, and Utilities is the File Management window, which displays the contents of the current directory.

In File Management window, you can navigate to a different directory, create a new directory, or create a Web Folder (if using Windows). Above the File Management window is the Navigation Toolbar buttons. You can also use the Navigation Toolbar to add new files to your account, move, copy, rename, delete or e-mail a link to a file or directory.

Understanding the BearSpace Windows

My Bookmarks are both convenient shortcuts to more commonly used directories within your BearSpace account and also links to other users' directories for which you have been granted permission to access.


My Searches
There are two types of searches: Advanced and Basic.
- Advanced Searches can be conducted based on multiple file criteria, including a case-insensitive search on file contents.
- Basic Searches are file searches based on the file name only. You may both save and edit advanced searches.


The BearSpace Web interface utilities allow you to maintain your Contacts and Groups, manage your Subscriptions (if available), set your account Preferences, and empty your Trash can.

My bookmarks

Bookmarks give you a convenient reference to other directories including your own directories or other user's directories.

/Your User_Name

Clicking on your User_Name will give a list of the files that you have uploaded into BearSpace
/Other Users Lists the names of other directories you have bookmarked.
/Add bookmark…

Click here to add a bookmark to your list.

1. Click on "Add bookmark..." under My Bookmarks.
2. Type in the exact path for the directory or browse for the intended directory.
If you choose to type in the path, you must include the top-level directory within this path and the path must be exact. If you do not know the exact directory name, find it using the "Browse" button.
3. After choosing the directory to bookmark, click on "OK".
4. Once back in the Add Bookmark... window, click "OK"

/Your User_Name

To delete a bookmark:

Simply click on the "x", the delete icon, to the right of the bookmarked directory. Deleting the bookmark only deletes your reference, not the entire directory.


My Searches

To search for a file or folder, you can either perform a Basic Search, an Advance Search. Additionally for searches that you do often, you can save a search for use later.

Basic Search
A Basic Search allows you to search for a file based on the file's name. Basic Search allows you to search for a file by specifying an exact file name match (Equals) or conduct a looser search (Contains) to help you find those files for which you do not know the names.

1. Click on "Search for files..." under My Searches.
2. Enter the directory or directory path in which you wish to search. Should you not know the exact path, you may also Browse to the directory from which you wish to search.
3. Enter the word or partial word in the name of the file you wish to find.
4. Click "Search".

The search results display a list of the files matching your criteria. From here, you may open the file or perform any other BearSpace option available to you.

Advanced Search
An Advanced Search allows you to search for a file based on the file's name, the file's properties, or a combination of both.
1. Click on "Search for files..." under My Searches.
2. Next, click on the Search Mode drop-down box and choose "Advanced Search".
3. Create your Search based on the desired criteria shown below.
4. Click "Search".



Utilities give you quick access to global functions concerning your account, unrelated to any specific file within it. Below is a brief description of each of those functions.

Preferences Preferences allow you to view and change your personal account information, including your full name, e-mail address, language, time zone, date/time format, and password.
Contacts and Groups Your Contacts contain the user names of other BearSpace users with whom you wish to share file access. You can also create a "group" of users with whom you wish to share file access.
Subscriptions Subscriptions display a list of the file and directory notifications to which you have subscribed. From here, you may cancel any current subscriptions. To create or edit subscriptions, do so from the Information screen of the specific file or directory.
Empty Trash Empty Trash allows you to permanently delete files in the trash sub-directory in your home directory.

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