Professor Qin (Tim) Sheng
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Splitting in Action
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My main research interests lie in solving singular and nonlinear partial differential equations via adaptive and/or splitting finite difference methods. I am particularly interested in problems with important practical applications, such as those in electro-optics, quenching-combustion, solitary waves; singularly perturbed phenomena, fluid dynamics, and that in multiphysics or engineering fields.

I am also interested in the theory and methods for numerical reproducibility and hybrid computations with real applications.

  - An Exploration of the EEG Together with Dr. M. Beauregard
  - Mathematical Modeling and Adaptive Computations in Nonlinear E-Optics
  - Highly Effecient Multidimensional Oil Reservoir Simulations
  - Splitting and Adaptive Method for Singular Reaction-Diffusion Problems
  - Solitary Waves by Schrödinger or Sine-Gordon Equations
  - Numerical Analysis on Time Scales
  - Crystallinity Gradients in Injection Molded Polymers and Composites
  - Selected Research Publications

  - Splitting in Action Research Group
  - American Mathematical Society (AMS)
  - Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
  - International Society of Difference Equations (ISDE)
  - Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
  - Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
  - Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)
  - Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC)
  - National Science Foundation (NSF)
  - National Security Agency (NSA)
  - Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
  - Institute for Advanced Study

  - Slides_2001_A,  Slides_2001_B,  Slides_HKBU

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