MTH 3325-02: ordinary differential equations

Professor Qin "Tim" Sheng
Office: Sid Richardson 302 F
Phone: 710-1241

1. course syllabus
2. summer calendar
3. extensive trigonometry tutorial
4. the most common mathematical mistakes
5. the glossary of mathematical mistakes
6. the world of mathematical equations
7. an interesting URL to view
8. visual calculus website
9. the 100 greatest math theorems
10. about Euler and his work
11. Newton's apple tree

  questions and answers
  notes on 01-29-2008: linear equations
  notes on 02-19-2008: mathematical modeling
  frequently used derivatives: a review
  frequently used integrals: a review
  2014 Summer II - adademic calendar
  2014 Summer II - final exam schedule: 9:30 AM on Tuesday, Aug 12, Location: SDRICH 324. GOOD LUCK!