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Important Research Meetings and Conferences:

  The AMS Joint Meetings, San Antonio, TX, USA (January 10-13, 2015)
  The 5th International Conference on Scientific Computing and Partial Differential Equations, Hong Kong, China (December 8-12, 2014)
  The Ninth International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology, Naples, Italy (September 2-5, 2014)
  2014 SIAM Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, USA (July 7-11, 2014)
  CMMSE2014, Rota, Cadiz, Spain (July 3-7, 2014)
  MidWest NA Day, Milwaukee, WI, USA (May 3-4, 2014)
  LMS Minisymposium on Advanced Decomposition Methods for Partial Differential Equations, London, UK (September 2-4, 2013)
  DCABES 2013, London, UK (September 2-4, 2013)
  CMMSE2013, Cabo de Gata, Almeria, Spain (June 24-27, 2013)
  Seventh M.I.T. Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics, Cambridge, MA, USA (June 12-14, 2013)
  Fourteenth International Conference on Numerical Combustion, San Antonio, TX, USA (April 8-10, 2013)
  Eighth IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena: Computation and Theory, Athens, GA, USA (March 25-28, 2013)
  Blackwell-Tapia Conference 2012, Brown University, Providence, RI, USA (Nov 9-10, 2012)
  SIAM Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN, USA (July 9-13, 2012)
  CMMSE2012, Murcia, Spain (July 2-5, 2012)
  SCA2012, Las Vegas, NV, USA (April 1-4, 2012)
  Finite Element Rodeo, Houston, TX, USA (March 2-3, 2012)
  Baylor Workshop on Splitting and Multiscale Methods for Computational PDEs, Waco, TX, USA (September 16-17, 2011)
  CMMSE2011, Alicante, Spain (June 26-30, 2011)
  Highly Oscillatory Problems: From Theory to Applications, I. Newton Institute, Cambridge, Britain (September 12-17, 2010)
  A Symposium on Splitting Methods for Differential Equations, Institut de Matemàtiques i Aplicacions de Castelló, Castellón, Spain (September 6-8, 2010)
  SIAM Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (July 12-16, 2010)
  CMMSE2010, Almeria , Andalucia, Spain (June 26-30, 2010)
  Minisymposium for the 8th AIMS Conference on Dynamical Systems, Dresden, Germany (May 25-28, 2010)
  Special Sessions for the Joint AMS Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA (January 13-16, 2010)
  Fall AMS Sectional Meeting, Waco, TX, USA (October 16-18, 2009)
  CMMSE2009, Gijón (Asturias), Spain (June 30, July 1-3, 2009)
  Minisymposium for the Fifth M.I.T. Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics in Cambridge, MA, USA (June 17-19, 2009)
  DoD Workshop on Beam Propagation Methods for Nonlinear Refractive and Absorptive Media, Dayton, OH, USA (June 1-3, 2009)
  Third International Conference on Scientific Computing and Partial Differential Equations, Hong Kong (December 8-12, 2008)
  Workshop on Splitting Methods in Time Integration, Innsbruck, Austria (October 15-18, 2008)
  International Workshop on Numerical Mathematics for Engineering Problems, in conjunction with the IEEE CSE 2008, São Paulo - Brazil (July 16-18, 2008)
  Minisymposium for the WCCM VIII-ECCOMAS, Italy (June 30-July 5, 2008)
  CMMSE2008, La Manga del Mar Menor, Murcia, Spain (June 13-16, 2008)
  Minisymposium for the 7th AIMS International Conference on DSDE in Arlington, TX, USA (May 18-21, 2008)
  AMS Regional Meeting #1036, Courant Institute, New York, USA (March 15-16, 2008)
  Minisymposiums for the ICIAM07, Zurich, Switzerland (July 16-20, 2007)
  Minisymposiums for the CMMSE2007, Chicago, IL, USA (June 20-23, 2007)
  Highly Oscillatory Problems Workshop, Cambridge, UK (Jan. 15-July 6, 2007)
  Special Session in AMS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA (Jan. 5-8, 2007)
  6th International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, Madrid, Spain (Sept 20-23, 2006)
  Castellon Conference on Geometric Integration in University Jaume I, Spain (Sept. 18-22, 2006)
  Minisymposium for the SIAM Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, USA (July 10-14, 2006)
  Special Session in AMS National Meeting, San Antonio, TX, USA (Jan. 12-15, 2006)
  50 Years of ADI Method, a Celebration Conference, Houston, TX, USA (Nov. 4-5, 2005)
  Special Session in AMS Regional Meeting #1011, Lincoln, NE, USA (Oct. 21-23, 2005)
  25th Annual Southeastern-Atlantic Conference on Differential Equations, Dayton, OH, USA (Oct. 7-8, 2005)

Presentation in September 2011 Baylor Workshop

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