Welcome to my website

I am a postdoc in the mathematics department at Baylor University. I received my PhD in mathematics from Notre Dame in 2013. Before that, I received my bachelors degree from Hope College. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or check out my CV.


I study Lie algebras and algebraic groups and completed my PhD under the supervision of Sam Evens. I am drawn to this area by the rich interplay between examples whose structure is well understood and open questions about the geometric structure of certain varieties. Right now, I'm primarily focused on Hessenberg varieties. Hessenberg varieties are a family of closed subvarieties of the flag variety which include Springer varieties. This means that as sets, Hessenberg varieties are contained in the flag variety, but the conditions defining them are more restrictive than those defining the flag variety. Using combinatorial and geometric tools we can study them using the structure they inherit from the flag variety.