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Family Photos

Our daughter, Mary, posing for her high school senior picture in May 2011

Our son, Alex, and girlfriend Erin Pippett in May 2012

Alex and Erin, with one of them being goofy, in June 2012

Melanie, with mom Erin, in 2011

Mary, together with her mom and my wife, Wendy, in May 2012

Wendy, Alex, Erin, and Mary in 2010

Alex and Mary in 2010

Alex in Tel Aviv in July 2008

Mary and Alex in Chandler, AZ in 2010

Tyler dog


In Memoriam

My dear brother and best friend: Ken Littlejohn
April 8, 1947 - November 3, 2009

Norrie Everitt: superb teacher, remarkable mentor, wonderful colleague, and dear friend
June 10, 1924 - July 17, 2011

My Ph.D. supervisor and terrific colleague: Allan M. Krall
February 25, 1936 - July 4, 2008


Personal Interests

Coaching at Logan High School in Logan, Utah in 2006