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puerto_vallarta_109 vacation_view water_gardens waterfall_at_twin_lakes boats_in_ireland
Puerto Vallarta 109.jpg
Vicki Northern
'Kyle's Pal' -- a visit to an area of PV where there were wild monkeys and parrots. This is my son-in-law, Kyle Leonard (BU '04)
vacation view.JPG
Vicki Northern
a favorite route to the pool at the hotel where we stayed in Puerto Vallarta 5/07
Water Gardens.JPG
Vicki Northern
Water Gardens (downtown Ft. Worth)
Waterfall at Twin Lakes.jpg
Vicki Northern
Waterfall at Twin Lakes, CO May 2006
Boats in Ireland.jpg
Janet Sheets
Boats in Ireland. Taken about 6 years ago.
bodils_house captain_of_the_juno castle_lock cross__isle_of_man door_knocker_ireland
Bodils house.jpg
Janet Sheets
Farm house of Poul and Bodil in Denmark taken about 3 years ago. This family of dairy farmers were other friends I made during my year in Denmark
Captain of the Juno.jpg
Janet Sheets
Captain of the Juno, a canal boat my sister, her husband, and I took from Stockholm to Gutenberg. It was taken about 3 years ago.
Castle lock.jpg
Janet Sheets
Lock on a castle in Denmark. Taken about 3 years ago.
Cross_ Isle of Man.jpg
Janet Sheets
Cross in the Isle of Man leaning against the wall of a church. Taken about 6 years ago.
Door knocker Ireland.jpg
Janet Sheets
Door knocker in Dingle, Ireland. Taken about 6 years ago.
juno_flowers lynderuptgaard young_girl_ireland
Janet Sheets
The canal boat Juno with flowers in foreground
Janet Sheets
Lynderuptgaard: Manor house in Denmark taken about 3 years ago. In the seventies, I spent time here as a guest of the family who owned the house. House was built in 1556 by Christopher Rosenkrantz.
Young girl Ireland.jpg
Janet Sheets
Young girl in Dingle, Ireland. Taken 6 years ago