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blue_window paris_in_february_01 paris_in_february_02 paris_in_february_03 paris_in_february_04
Blue window.jpg
Tresa Gilchrest
Welcome to the Photography Group Album
Windows to the World

Ranchos de Taos, NM
Paris in February 01.jpg
Jan George
Trees near Versailles
Paris in February 02.jpg
Jan George
Paris apartment staircase
Paris in February 03.jpg
Jan George
Eiffel tower
Paris in February 04.jpg
Jan George
view from Notre Dame
buddy_exploring_1615 chaco_doors_7118 dragonfly_5862 hummingbird_9300 rose_8632
Buddy exploring_1615.JPG
Tresa Gilchrest
Zapata Falls, CO
The light and shadows enhanced this photo of my husband.
Chaco doors_7118.JPG
Tresa Gilchrest
Chaco Culture National Historical Park, NM
Pueblo Bonito, amazing buildings

Dragonfly 5862.jpg
Tresa Gilchrest
Havasu Creek, Grand Canyon, AZ
The blue color was eye catching
Tresa Gilchrest
Lake City, CO
Catching the movement of this hard to see flyer.
Rose 8632.JPG
Tresa Gilchrest
Heritage Village, Baylor University, Waco, TX
Old Baylor rose, beautiful flower
sandunes_7619 slot_canyon_photogra_33d987 slot_canyon_3703 white_pelican_6094 wood_duck_3604
Tresa Gilchrest
Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO
Morning light on the dunes gave texture and a glow
Slot canyon photographer_2543.JPG
Tresa Gilchrest
Buddy at Antelope Canyon, AZ
My favorite photographer
Slot canyon_3703.jpg
Tresa Gilchrest
Antelope Canyon, AZ
Incredible shapes and colors in the slot canyon
White pelican_6094.jpg
Tresa Gilchrest
Waco, TX
Powerful, graceful duo, beautiful blue sky
Wood Duck_3604.jpg
Tresa Gilchrest
Waco, TX
Cute baby duck came to visit us for about a week