Welcome to the Company and Industry Research Tutorial!

How can this tutorial help?

This tutorial will take you through the steps to researching a company or industry. It also lists the recommended resources, both online and in print, that you can use to find the company or industry information you are looking for.

The tutorial was created for the Baylor BUS 3315 (Business Writing) classes, but anyone is free to use it in order to learn about how to research companies and industries.

How do I navigate through this tutorial?

The links at the top of the page list the main sections. In each section, the links on the left hand side list the main subsections. However, if you want to navigate through the tutorial from beginning to end, use the buttons on the bottom right that say  Back    and    Next 

All links to pages outside of the tutorial (such as databases or BearCat records) will open up in new windows.

If during the tutorial you encounter a word underlined with yellow dashesThis is where the definition of the underlined word will show up., place your cursor over it to see the definition of that word. You can see a list of these words in the Glossary of Business Terms.

How can I get further help?

Please contact the business reference librarian, Carol Schuetz.