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Zaragoza Patients at Agape

Holly Coleman, Spring 2004

To to utilize the Zaragoza Elementary Follow Up Program more efficiently, everyone’s cooperation will be greatly beneficial.

1. All involved (especially front office managers) identify those children that attend Zaragoza Elementary.
a. Ask what school they attend.
b. Write “Zaragoza Student” down at the top of the SOAP note, in a noticeable location.

2. Inform the student nurse /NP/MD working with the child that they are from Zaragoza (also student nurse/NP/MD can find this information on SOAP note.)

3. Identify any areas that we may follow up with these patients:
a. Education for ___________________________________________
b. Asthma (identification at school, education, med check)
c. Lice (check classmates, and double check them)
d. Other needs or concerns ___________________________________________

4. Indicate on SOAP note that this child needs follow up for ________________________________ in plan of care.

5. Inform the patient’s family that Agape also partners with Zaragoza school. The student nurses or lay health promoter may be following up with them for … whatever reason. *Very Important-for confidentiality reasons.

6. Either make a copy of the SOAP note, or leave entire chart (Zaragoza rep can make copy) in the black file at the front desk that says “Nurses” (Lupe knows the location).

7. Zaragoza team takes over with incorporation of follow up care.