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Healthy Families &

Lay Health Promoter Education

Promotores de Salud

This site contains educational materials for healthy families and lay health promoter training. Originally the materials were developed by Baylor University School of Nursing students in cooperation with the CoMadres at Fannin Elementary School. Expansion and revision of the work is based on our partnership with the Aetna Foundation, Zaragoza Elementary School, & the Agape Clinic. ¡Vivá Zaragoza y Aetna!

Now, in 9/2004, more intensive (3 hours classroom & 8 hours internship weekly) Promotora training is funded by the Dallas Women's Foundation & conducted by Baylor students and community volunteers - Zaragoza classes continue. Photo: Promotora training conducted by Baylor students.

Some of the materials are in the form of lesson plans that contain both content and suggested group activities. More recent material is in the form of one page handouts in English and Spanish. Although the latter does not contain information on group activities, we want to strongly emphasize that group interaction, sharing among participants, and problem solving of here and now problems are as least as important as the content. A major temptation in teaching is to try to cover all the material or as much material as the group can tolerate. Resist temptation! Work with the group. Let the group teach itself. Find out what the group knows.


These materials are not intended to take the place of the services of physicians, nurses, or other health professionals. Please read warning before proceeding. In 10/2004 we began using teaching materials from Familydoctor.org, a good source of patient education materials in Spanish & English.

What joy in this work!
Photo: Promotora training on asthma (see spacers made from water bottles on table)

E-mail to Charles_Kemp@baylor.edu

Original site Authors: Ellen Bengsten, Judy Cash, Emily Hargrave, Anna Kent, Andrea Payne, Jill Rayhill




Photo: Class at Zaragoza 10/2004