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Ethnomed Excellent site from University of Washington - covers several cultures, detailed discussions, materials in several languages
Cambodian Health Resources List: Extensive listing of Khmer language documents. Have a look.
Laotian/Lao Health Resources List
Vietnamese Health Resource List
Vietnamese health education - Good site
Asian & Pacific Islander Health Forum - Exactly that
Association of Asian Pacific Islander Community Health Organizations
Translation service (for fee) - Also free materials. Check it out.
DiversityRx: A new site - helpful
Utah Health Department - Ethnic Health Site: Materials in languages other than English, links, etc
Thalassemia (Cooley's anemia) is a blood disorder common among Sotheast Asians and others. The Cooley's Anemia Foundation is a good place to start with the problem.
Other Health Related Sites
PubMed: To me, the single easiest, most comprehensive data base with abstracts of articles
Grateful Med: Easy to use data base with abstracts of articles
Baylor's links to searching medical and nursing literature: Very useful with many means of finding data. You won't need any more than this. Good work Kathryn!
Census Lookup - 1990 Census data
More government statistics - from 70 agencies
US Department of Health and Human Services home page: From here you can access the Office of Minority Health, Public Health Service, Refugee Health, etc.
Healthfinder: Extensive site - diseases, treatments, etc.
Reference links from New York Times: Good, comprehensive (without being too large) listing of links.
Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese, and Related Sites
Cambodian/Khmer Links to sites; also and
and Angkor and Dith Pran Education Site
Cambodian Genocide Project
Khmer Health Advocates
Hmong Links to sites
Laotian links Links to sites
Vietnamese Mutual Assistance Association - Dallas - The partner in this work
Vietnam Pictures - Good surfin' - if you have Win95 0r 98, right-click on a picture you like and select Set as Wallpaper
Other worthwhile sites
AsianWeek - an excellent US newspaper - "The voice of Asian America"
Chinese Newcomers Service Center - Many Chinese coming to U.S. without papers or assistance - needing ethical assistance. Nice site!
Kyoto University Center for Southeast Asian Studies
Asian Art
Asian Studies: A really BIG & RICH site
US Indochina Reconciliation Project (USIRP). Newsletter, job postings, resources related to Southeast Asia. Good idea to be on their mailing list. Print better than web.







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