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Free Burma - Free Aung San Suu Kyi

Resources for Cross-Cultural Care and Prevention

Cambodian/Khmer full discussion (or Quick Reference on Khmer)
Laotian/Lao full discussion (or Quick Reference on Laotians)
Vietnamese full discussion (or Quick Reference on Vietnamese)
Indian (Asian) Full discussion only
Korean Full discussion only (updated)
Refugee & Immigrant Health Site - populations, issues, infectious diseases Volunteer group working to close down child sexual exploitation internet sites and to remove the people behind the exploitation.
Educational Resources
Southeast Asian Refugees: Cultural Orientation
Tufts University Asian languages site - excellent
Brief Assessment of Health Beliefs Tool
Cancer Screening Among Southeast Asian Refugees
Agape/Baylor Community Care: Our Primary Care/District Health Program

Resources in Dallas and elsewhere Guide to Community Services in East Dallas & East Dallas Clinics & Guide to Community Services in Garland, Texas and Pediatric Resources (Pediatric resources covers local and national recources)

Links Asian Health and Related Sites and be sure to check out this external site: AsiaSource

Benefactors People and organizations who made all this happen. Prison art above by Men Van Nguyen. Project partners are Baylor School of Nursing, Texas Department of Health, Office of Refugee Resettlement, Vietnamese Mutual Assistance Association


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