Selected Publications

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Lau B. L. T., Hockaday W.C., Ikuma K., Furman O., and Decho A.W. A Preliminary assessment of the interactions between the capping agents of silver nanoparticles and environmental organics. Colloid Surface A. In Press.

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Recent presentations

Decho A.W., Ikuma K., and Lau B.L.T. When nanoparticles enters the house of microbes – the importance of biofilms in the fate and transport of nanomaterials. 1st Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization Conference, Arlington, Virginia, 2012.

Hockaday W.C. and Lau B.L.T. When iron and silver nanoparticles meet natural organic matter: Probing NP-NOM interactions with molecular spectroscopy and quartz crystal microgravimetry. Goldschmidt Conference, Montreal, Canada, 2012.

Ikuma K., Madden A.S., and Lau B.L.T. The role of extracellular polymeric substances in nanoparticle-biofilm interactions. Goldschmidt Conference, Montreal, Canada, 2012.

Huang R.X. and Lau B.L.T. Effects of surface compositional and structural heterogeneity on particle-particle and particle-protein interaction. ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium, Baltimore, Maryland, 2012.

Huang R.X. and Lau B.L.T. Surface-directed Mineralization of Calcium Phosphate: Effects of Solution Composition and Surface Properties. MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, 2011.

Furman, O., Usenko S., Lau B.L.T. Aggregation and adsorption of silver nanoparticles: Effects of surface modification by humic substances. ACS Fall Meeting, Denver, Colorado, 2011.

Furman, O., Lau B.L.T., Usenko S. Spatial and Temporal Mercury Fluxes in Remote Lake Sediment Cores from Western U.S. National Parks. ACS Fall Meeting, Denver, Colorado, 2011.

Zhang F., Bruce E.D., Lau B.L.T. Understanding the importance of surface adsorption in cellular uptake of silver nanoparticles. 5th Int. Symposium on Nanotechnology, Occupational and Environmental Health, Boston, Massachusetts, 2011.